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As leaders of the next generation we have an unprecedented opportunity to speak worth, value, esteem, and vision into every child, student, and adult we interact with. I'm convinced that people come first because people matter.

That vision is exactly why my wife, Rebecca, a 5th grade teacher in San Antonio, TX, and I have been foster parents of two beautiful, valuable lives for the past three years with the hope of adopting “our” children.  

The experiences, places, and people that I have had the honor and privilege of teaching and learning from have helped me become proficient at adding value everywhere I go.

I have taught in the jungles of Honduras, the mountains of Guatemala, the prisons of South Africa, the rural parts of Kenya, the squatter camps of Guyana and the megachurches and country churches of San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Coaching, teaching, mentoring and speaking for over 10 years. Whether leading an intimate group of 5 or a large group of 3,000, infusing the message of people come first because people matter always remains preeminent. Each opportunity is infused with a passion to challenge and inspire others to recognize their opportunity to impact the world and make it a better place.  After all, each interaction gives us that platform!

To schedule an appointment or book an event contact me at callahanrr@gmail.com or complete the speaking inquiry form below.

Speaking Testimonials


Dr. Ed Newton


Lead Pastor, Community Bible Church, San Antonio, TX.

"Ryan is uniquely gifted with two components that most communicators lack and that is the ability to fully engage an audience with content and passion.  The synergy of these two realities is the prolific beauty of intellect on fire with the smoke signal of genuine care for the listener.  You will blessed to not only hear Ryan, but to know him."

Scott Kindig

Executive Pastor of Operations at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas

"Ryan finds very practical ways through powerful illustrations that connect the truth of his message to the audience's needs."

Phil Vega

Worship Pastor at Community Bible Church

"When Ryan speaks you cannot help but be drawn in. He is passionate and eloquent. He is incredibly engaging and charismatic but never wastes a word on fluff. He has an incredible ability to make huge concepts into accessible ideas for students and adults alike.

Ryan truly loves people and it is continually evident both in his life and from whatever platform he speaks from. He is not just an incredibly effective communicator, he is also an incredibly effective relationship builder."

David Youngdale

Former Volunteer

"His personal struggles and battles make his stories authentic and unscripted. He understands the journey from pain to glory."


Madison Hager

Former Student

"Ryan loves the least of these and he cares for the lost sheep when others have given up. He has inspired me to be unconventional..."

Isaiah Smoote

Former Student

"I distinctly remember his passion. He delivered messages in ways only he knew how, power and emotion. :)"

Marlie Riojas

Former Student

"He truly invest in his students. He goes so much further than just speaking a message. He invests in the lives of his students and never fails to go the extra mile. He always truly knew how to connect on a personal level with everyone. He loves the broken and the lost and he walks with them through whatever they may be going through."

Nicholas Dretke

Former Student

"He inspires people simply by loving them. He sees the best of things in the worst of people, and brings it out of them so that they can see it.."

Allie Valuk

Former Student

"Ryan makes others see things they may not have seen before. He makes people feel empowered. And that's powerful!"

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