Special Just the way you are

Every child needs to hear the words, “You are special" and yet most never will.

This children's picture book story was written to give individuals the opportunity to read these powerful words to those they love!

The story is about a robot that was made differently than everyone else. The pages contain the personal confrontation of these realities. Through a series of events the robot gets to hear the words, "You are special and there is a purpose for you here."

I believe this book will embed this powerful truth deep in the subconscious of every child and that when the difficulty of this reality surfaces in their lives that they will be able to combat the lies with truth!


Free the Elephant

(current project)

How do you tame a baby elephant?

You drive a massive metal stake deep into the ground with a chain from it tied to the elephant’s ankle. The baby mammal fights with all her might until eventually giving up and giving in.  Soon enough a mindset formulates, she accepts the situation and does nothing to change it.

You know how to restrain her years later as a full grown adult? Use the original stake and chain.


The only thing holding this 10,000-pound mammal back is her belief in the past.

Same is true of you and I.

Do you want help?

This book will do just that.