What's in your cup?

Too often in life we second guess what is in the cup. We try too hard to change the outside of the cup to fit what we believe others want it to look like. We convince ourselves that the outside of the cup gives value to the contents in the cup. 

We walk around showing everyone the cup. We say things like look at this awesome design, color, font style, quote, bible verse, etc. 

What really matters is what is in the cup. The value is not derived from the outside but from the inside. How do you use what is in the cup? 

You have been given a satisfying drink. You may call it life, I call it coffee (can I get an amen). 

The cup is filled daily and you can use the content however you please. 

Maybe your best bet is to take several sample cups and pour a little in each one. Walk around and have people sample asking them what they think about it. Questions like was that too bold, too hot, too cold, just right? How do you like the flavor? What were you expecting? 

You have been given a satisfying drink to share with others called life. 

Maybe it is time to really taste the content of your life and see what you think. 

Some call this self-awareness, I call it Tuesday.  

What's in your cup?

How are you using it?