What would you decide?

To adequately set this up I would like to share a story with you. This story paints me in quite a bad light. Oh well, I'll tell it anyway.

This summer I have the privilege of leading approximately 60 students/leaders down to Guatemala for a mission trip with one my best friends Mike Andrews (youth pastor at Community Bible Church Bulverde, aka CBCB)

We have been leading a combined mission trip together for the last 3 years. Our first year we took students/leaders to Jamaica. The last two we have taken them to Guatemala. Every year I imagine the work to be easier and some how it continues to present it's challenges. Never the less it is always worth it. We sat down quite a long time ago and planned out our meeting schedule. ("Mandatory" might I add)

About 2 months ago another great friend of mine, Chad Belew (the lead pastor of The Arsenal Church in Southtown, congrats bro!!!) invited me to attend a conference in Baton Rogue with a couple other really great friends. So I asked the wifey (as every good husband does) and then booked my ticket.

I know you see where this is headed. I will save you some agony. The weekend collides with our mandatory meeting and happens to be this coming weekend. So I texted Mike and said, I am out of town this weekend and wanted to see if you would consider leading the meeting with Phil Vega (who is amazing and a great leader, and he's going on the trip with us, DREAM TEAM!) instead of me. Now a side note. There is no doubt in my mind that Mike Andrews can lead anything and everything without me. After all he is better leader than I am. However, my point is, I began to process getting someone to fill in for me so I could connect at deeper levels with some great guys, learn from some incredible leaders, and continue to grow personally. Those things are not bad in and of themselves.

The next day as I was processing that out loud with Mike it hit me. That's not me. I don't miss a mandatory meeting that I am supposed to be a part of leading. I can not do that to my leaders, my students, or to myself even if it was for all the right reasons.

So I shared this difficulty with Chad. And so Chad does what he is good at. He figured it out. I'll ask a buddy of mine (a very generous buddy of his I might add, Mike G. I love you bro, thanks a million) he told me. Within the hour Mike and Laura G. gifted me a plane ticket home on Sunday morning so I could make the meeting.

I told you that story to say this. Sometimes the decisions you and I have to make are like tug of war between two really incredible opportunities. What we have to ask ourselves is,

1. How am I going to show up?

2. Who am I?

3. Is how I am planning on showing up true to who I am?

If not, be honest, take the hit, and see how the cards shake out.

Otherwise you may just kick yourself for not asking the important questions and making the appropriate shift.

What would you decide?

What decision in your life needs this framework applied to it?

How can I help?