What are you afraid of?

Did you know that there is a gap that exist in your life and most of you are not even aware of it? 

For too many years I kept hoping from job to job trying to find that thing that would fill me up. When the truth of the matter is it was sitting right in front of me. 

I had these grandiose ideas, dreams, visions, and desires for the future only to find that I was stuck on the other side of the seemingly large chasm. This is what it felt like. 

ME NOW     [[[     GAP     ]]]     FUTURE ME

The gap between where I was (me) and where I wanted to be (future me) was rooted in fear. 

Some examples of fear include: 

The fear of not being good enough.  

The fear of failing and being made fun of. 

The fear of winning and then having to repeat that same thing over and over and over. 

The fear of the unknown. 

The fear of isolation. 

The fear of getting what you desire, dream of and then not having anything to get excited about. 

The fear of it always being like this. 

Fear is a liar. 

It is a very good liar. It is a storyteller that likes to repeat a similar story in a myriad of ways. It uses scenarios from your past to prove to you that you do not have what it takes. It convinces you that there are only a select few that "make it" and you are not one of those select few. It uses those you love to remind you that you have not made it and that you should probably just give up and do that 9 to 5 job that smothers you. 

Guess what I have the key to unlock new thinking and it is easier than you may imagine. This key will force you to confront your fear and tell it to be quiet. Then it will search the entire house for other words that will set you up to accomplish those ideas you have in that journal that sits on the shelf. It will absolutely close the gap between where you are and where you want to be and you will realize your potential. Sounds too good to be true. Sure it does.

I was recently sitting with a friend of mine named Reward Sibanda. He is from Zimbabwe, Africa and has an ability that very few people have. He watches people, from body language to the words they are using. He is able to call things out in another person like few I have seen. We were sitting down and chatting when he said these words, "Ryan you are an appraiser, you have the ability to take the diamond that is each individual life and find its value to the world. You intrinsically know the beauty that is there and you help the individual find it for themselves." 

In that moment he told me one thing.


My mission is to help you realize your purpose and propel you into it. 

If you want to know how to close the gap, fill this out. 

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