Three words that WILL change your life


These 3 words have the power to transform your life. Most of our life is outside our control. Let's take driving as an example. We control very little when it comes to driving. Here are 8 things we do not control when it comes to driving 

1. Road conditions 

2. Other drivers 

3. Weather 

4. Amount of vehicles on the road 

5. Accidents 

6. Delays 

7. Detours 

8. Whether our car holds up

Here is 1 thing we control when it comes to driving 

1. How we respond to the 8 things we have no control over 

Guess what. Same is true of almost everything in our lives. We can list all of the things we have no control over. There is one universal truth that always lands in the "we have control over category". We absolutely have control over how we will respond to things outside of our control. 

I had the fortune of living in South Africa for a year in 2010. I learned about the culture and people. I learned of resilience and the beauty found in suffering. I read books and toured museums that detailed the account of Nelson Mandela and his imprisonment during Apartheid. The question that never let me go was, how did he do it? How was he able to face such challenges and come out the other end with dignity, respect, and joy? 

He controlled the only thing he had control over. 

His mind. 

He took responsibility of what was happening in his mind. He resolved to be responsible for the way he interpreted the things he could not control. 

“I went for a long holiday for 27 years,” Nelson Mandela once said of his years in prison.

Your life is mostly made up of things you have no control over. You can blame, shame, run, and hide or you can take responsibility for how you show up. 

Or in every single moment you can say, I AM RESPONSIBLE. 

After all you are responsible for the way you respond. 

Happy responding.