The top 5 reasons people give up

Have you started something this year that you have already given up on?

A diet?

A workout schedule?

A business plan?

A book?

A blog?

A new initiative?

Of course you have. So have I. Why do we give up so easily?

I want to walk through the top 5 reasons you and I give up on good ideas. We will count down.

5. Don't see immediate expected results

Too often you and I want IMMEDIATE results. The minute I start my blog I want to see 100,000 readers or after my first run I want to see 30 lbs of weight fall off my body. When we start a new project, idea, initiative, plan, etc we often fail to account for how long it will take us to accomplish our expected goal. We do not sit down and say what is a realistic time frame for the attainment of this goal? Things take longer than we want them to. It is hard to live in a microwave culture and see the benefit in long term vision and planning. It's easier to just throw in the towel.

4. Dwell on mistakes or perceived mistakes

As we begin the task of tackling something larger than ourselves we often put it out into the world and receive feedback. Sometimes that feedback hits us between our eyes.

Let's say you are a brand new graphic designer and you want to build a business. You begin an instagram account and start putting your designs out in the world. One of a couple things begin to happen. Either you do not receive positive affirmation through likes, reposts, etc. or you start getting feedback like, "I really wish it looked more like this", "why so much blue", "that angle is weird". What happens inwardly is our soul feels like it is being beat up. I did my very best on this you say to yourself. I thought through what I was trying to accomplish and everyone has a comment about it and none of them come across as helpful. We get stuck dwelling on our mistakes or feedback we receive that sounds like we made a mistake. It's also extremely difficult to put something out into the market and hear the sound of crickets. What we do with these moments will make us quit or propel us forward.

3. Get stuck in the past

When we begin working out and eating right we seem to do well for a couple weeks but then something interesting happens. We eat terribly one day. Our stomach hurts and our mind hurts. The next morning we eat poorly again. What happened? Our brain is stuck in the past. I can't do this, see how I ate yesterday. This is why I'm overweight. On and on and on it goes. If we focus on what we did yesterday we will fail to do anything today.

2. See failure as a bad thing

As a child we are trained, disciplined, and raised to see things as a win or a loss. When we fail to do something that was expected there is an emotional consequence that is logged in our computer (brain). Soon enough we find that the way we view failure is as a bad thing. If we step up to the metaphorical plate and we don't hit the ball is that a failure or an opportunity? This is what causes so many of us to give up. I just can't hit the ball we may say. The truth is we just found a few ways not to hit the ball. What if failure was the best teacher and we simply viewed it as a way to find out something new about what we are trying to accomplish?

1. Stop believing in yourself

Belief is imperative to continuing on. The suicide rate is high because more and more individuals see themselves as someone to not believe in. They stop believing in themselves or believing that they can do one more day. Belief in ourself fuels everything else.

So why'd you give up?

What if you and I just start again?

What's the worst that could happen?

After all it's just an experiment anyway. We've just found a couple ways not to do it. So let's keep learning.