The best way to start anything

As many of you already know I am involved in a church body out near Spring Branch Texas called Community Bible Church Bulverde. Recently (like two days ago kind of recent) an information meeting for foster and adoption was held. I am so thrilled that there are so many families active in the foster/adoption space and looking to do more in our church body. 

Tim and Jennifer Manton led the discussion. Three things they absolutely taught me about starting anything. 

#1 Ask questions 

#2 Invite experts 

#3 Make a plan off #1 and #2 

As a part of the conversation they had a survey (really more of a questionnaire). One specifically for people brand new to the foster/adoption issue and one for those experienced in it. Which is a great distinction. It is important to see the knowledge base of the group you are leading. 

After a very concise vision chat, they opened the floor and asked the question what we wanted to do as a church to move forward in this space. Before they opened the floor they invited Doug from Riverside Church who has been doing this for awhile to speak about what they have formulated and why. 

The Cantons reminded me of what true leadership is. Leadership is about others. You fundamentally can not lead people you do not know. Secondarily heading off in the direction you think is best is dangerous. You may just find that no one is following you there. 

Tim and Jennifer thanks for the reminder that we all need to ask questions, invite experts, and then build the foundation from there.