Start in the bathroom

Business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, church leaders, and anyone that has a business they are building, this one is for you.

Please sit down and strategically think through your business model, who you are serving and what matters most to them.

Start in the bathroom.

Buc-ees is a perfect example of a great bathroom experience and everyone knows it, talks about it, and repeatedly stops when nature calls.

So what did Buc-ees do that only a few other places have figured out?

#1 They took a large majority of the square footage they had and made sure the stalls, urinals, sinks, hand drying stations and changing stations were not right on top of one another.

#2 They thought through scale. How many people do we expect to use our restrooms? Let's build it to scale.

#3 They hired a full time employee to clean the restroom at all times. In fact that is their job. Not on a 15 minute run that also includes taking out all the trash for the entire store. Think about this for a second. The three things every person wants to experience in a bathroom are 1. good smell, 2. clean space, and 3. room (especially parents with children, a changing table in the stall makes so more sense than one someone threw up on the wall wedged between the stall and the wall)

The one thing Buc-ees beats everyone else at is their restroom experience. The reason so many people love it is because they know what to expect. The expectation is they care about me and have thought this through, and I won't leave disgusted.

Think about this for a second. I am hungry but I also have to use the restroom. If I walk into the restroom and I get a stomach ache from the smell, the look of the restroom, the lack of cleanliness, or the fact that I had to be right on top of someone else what are the odds that I will leave the restroom and spend a bunch of money on food in your store? Not very high.

Buccees started in the bathroom and realized that their business was going to thrive on the happiness level of the customer. That customer happens to be a human that regularly needs to release toxins from their body but does not want to experience everyone elses'.

Too often as business owners we jump directly to our product, our price, our people, and our place. We often neglect the very thing that matters most.

When I go to the dentist office, coffee shop, local sandwich shop, or church it would be awesome to expect that the bathroom smelled good, was clean, and had enough room. I may just spend more money, time, and invite people along.

Foot traffic, brand quality, and buzz start in the least likely places.

Start in the bathroom is a metaphor for the place in your business you are not thinking about.

Start in that place. People will love you for it! Some of them won't even know why they love you so much.