I sat down to write and then...

It's approximately 8:23 am.

Where have the hours gone I ask myself?

I have been awake about 4 hours. I meditated, read scripture, read a section of a book I am currently digesting, I spent some concerted effort on my single speed, rushed home to shower, ready the children for their days, dropped them off at their respective schools, made my way to the tax office to update our sticker on one of our vehicles, and then fought with traffic to find myself standing in line at Common Wealth Coffee.

I ordered a regular coffee and sat inside. It's quiet in here, I thought. Let me login and start writing. Then 3 ladies around the age of 30 years of age decided their favorite spot to chat LOUDLY was directly next to me. 

Goodness, I really wish I would have brought my headphones today. No big deal, I will just move outside. After all, it is an overcast day and the weather is right inside the perfect set of conditions. What I really mean is, it does not feel like sitting inside someones mouth, yet. Until two well to do women in their 40s decided that the drama of "House wives of San Antonio, Texas" needed to be shot, (without cameras I might add) at the table right next to me.

I thought. Weird, there are about 35 tables out here and your favorite table is right there. Ugh.

Alright, I will just go to the nearest park and sit down in the woods. I mean, I enjoy the soothing sounds of nature. I ride my bike deep into the woods. All is right in the world again or so I think until, the minute I open my computer, it begins to rain.

At this point, it is laughable. I jump on my bike and ride to the car. Quickly regroup and then plan my next desired writing destination.

What is a quite place to write without headphones?, Barnes and Noble, of course. A library of sorts with tables and chairs. I drive to the nearest one. In the rain, I run to a locked door with a sign on it that said something like, "Ryan, jokes on you. We locked the door because we knew you were on the way. You can call the next location 10 miles away and see if they are not remodeling on a Monday."

Have you ever tried to do something and it is like the universe has a different plan?

I have. It was approximately 8:23 am when I started this post. It is now around 1 pm.

I plan and then grasp the reins for control all day long. Sound familiar? The truth is we have little control over outside circumstances, the only thing(s) we have control over are our attitudes and our actions when uncontrolled scenarios present themselves.

What if the circumstances you find yourself fighting against are the very ones teaching you the lesson you are trying so hard to learn?

What is the best response when you sit down to write and then...something else happens?