I have a dream

"Happy Fathers Day Dad!"

"WOW, thank you. Everyone sit down for a minute, I have something really important to say and I need you to hear this." 

"When you close your eyes what do you see? In fact, close your eyes for a minute." 

He pauses for longer than anyone expects, he takes a deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling loudly so that everyone can hear him. He commands the floor. Like a general's speech before a battle, he is calm and confident and there is power exuding his every movement. 

"I have a dream that I can not seem to shake and I want to share it with you. I know you are not ready for it and most of you will ignore it's importance but it's Fathers Day and I have your attention." 

With a loud voice he continues.

"Every time I close my eyes it is there waiting to meet me and take me on an adventure. Sometimes this dream is in a good mood and sometimes it is rather terse. Nevertheless it is always watching and waiting hoping I will not get distracted with anything else." 

"I have a dream, when I close my eyes I see a day when 

no child sniffs anymore glue to murder the hunger pains

no sick person goes unvisited

no alcoholic drowns in his sorrow

no drug addict shoots up one more time to quiet the mind 

no prostitute gives herself away any longer

no orphan sleeps in the cold

no widow scratches around in the trash to feed her family

no person eats too much to numb the pain they feel

no prisoner is left to his/her depressive thoughts

no homeless person goes without a warm meal and a blanket

no well to do mother medicates to numb her loneliness

no pastor hides behind his pulpit or his theology

no businessman dines with his fantasy

no pimp continues to get away with selling another person

no person goes another day believing they are worthless."  

He stops for another long pause. After all, he does not want the gravity of what he has said to get lost. 

"I dream of the day that each and every person sees themselves as the Father sees them without blemish, with magnificent purpose, passion, and position.

A day where each person dances too long

sings too loud

stays up too late

drinks deeply

loves with abandon

hugs someone they do not want to let go of  

gives to all without any desire to see a return 

says things to others that ignite their soul 

laughs too loud 

reads too much 

runs around without a care in the world." 

He slows his cadence and his inflection. Everyone leans in. He whispers this last part. 

"I dream of the day that YOU see yourself the way I see you and you begin living that life. When you begin living that life the first part of my dream does not exist any longer." 

Can you imagine a world where each and every person was living the purpose of the Father?

What would that world look like? 

What do you see when you close your eyes? 

This is what I see. I am convinced that the first part of my dream is a direct reflection of people (you and I) not seeing our purpose clearly enough. Somewhere along the way our true purpose was thwarted, stolen, twisted, squashed, and handed back to us and we accepted it as is and began medicating. 

There is a different way. I am here to guide you in it. 

Fill this out and we can begin. 

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