Change your lenses, Change your life

You and I live and breath in a microwave society. Each day and with every encounter we find ourselves less patient and more demanding of ourselves and others. Social Media and the advent of "things going viral" have not helped slow the pace any. We dream of the day that we go viral and all our worries go away because people are now paying attention to "our thing" 

We want to boil massive concepts down to statements we can tweet out. We want people to retweet our well thought out tweet able phrase so more people can see how easily we delete what is not important. 

What if we are missing it? 

What if the point of life is in the larger context? 

I have had the privilege of studying scripture for the last ten years or so. What I have found is it is very easy to isolate a verse and completely miss the point. It is also extremely easy to isolate a verse due to the current layout of the text. In 1551 French printer Robert Stephanus added verse numbers to the chapter divisions inserted in Scripture in the 13th century. This was a helpful addition because the text became easier to read. But with each iterative positive addition to scripture came the natural unforeseen consequence. To truly study the scripture, we must put on a different set of lenses and try and find the larger context. Three things happen when we do this. 1. We slow down 2. We give ourselves more time to understand it. 3. We appreciate what we find 

Today you probably face a set of circumstances that you did not see coming. If things are going well you are not even thinking about this, because after all let's just ride this wave for as long as we possibly can, right?

However if you are in a season where you are trying things and nothing seems to be happening let this be the wind in your sails. Maybe you are trying to get a job, land a date with that really special guy or girl, move out of your parents house, get your own vehicle, prove your worth to someone in your life, get accepted into the college/university of your choice, be approved for that home loan, get out of debt, or put food on your table.

What you see as an end is really a beginning. What you see as a something that will never happen is really a moment to slow down and give yourself time to understand yourself and what is really going on. 

Sometimes we must force ourselves to see a different colors by putting tinted glasses on. 

When we change our lenses, we change our lives.

What we saw as never going to happen became the season we could build the right foundation, hone our skill set, fine tune our resume, broaden our social network, become the guy or girl that someone would want to date/marry, connect with our family in a way that we may never get back, get fit by walking places/connect with people and learn to ask for help, learn that we don't need to prove anything at all, realize that getting in to that college/university or not says nothing about us, connect with our apartment neighbors in a deep meaningful way for another season, learn to budget and live lean, and finally deepen our faith as we learn to rely on the one who gives our daily bread. 

When we widen the context that is our life, we find rich meaning, we slow down, we give ourselves time and we end up enjoying the season we are in versus loathing it's very existence. 

I love you and I am for you. This season you are in is important. Here are some lenses that may change the color, whether you put them on or not will be up to you.