Where do I start?

"To achieve a goal you've never achieved before, you must do things you've never done before. Look around you. Who else has achieved this goal or something like it?" The 4 Disciplines of Execution

I recently fell on this story about Roberto Duran

 Roberto Duran. Ink drawing by Damien Burton.

Roberto Duran. Ink drawing by Damien Burton.

"For Latinos, Durán is more than just an athlete or even a sporting legend. He is a mythological figure, a symbol who persists in Latin folklore decades after his fighting career because he represented the will and determination of a community who was fighting the social injustices of the times they were facing. Much like Ali stood up for the civil rights of the African-American movement in a segregated America, Durán was doing the same thing for the poor and underprivileged in Panama." (Read more)

Durán is a well known Panamanian boxer from the slums near Panama City, a place called El Chorrillo, Panama.

According to BoxRec over his career he won 103 times and lost only 16. 

What fascinates me about his story is his hunger, thirst, drive, and determination. As the story goes Ray Arcel a legendary boxing trainer decided to train Roberto. Arcel spent the majority of his time convincing Durán that strategy and what happens in the mind are the only way to win over and over and over again.

I get the above question all the time, where do I start?

My answer is always a serious of questions.

Where are you?

What is your goal?

Why is that your goal?

When the why matters so much that you have to do something, that is when you are ready. Until then, you will make excuse after excuse on why you can not start.

Strategy always follows a massively important why. Strategy happens in the mind before it happens anywhere else.

You start with Why. I guess Simon Sinek was right. You should buy his book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Durán was hungry to make so many wrongs right.

What are you hungry for?